Welcome 5th Graders!

Hello and I hope you had an enjoyable summer.  This year will be great and I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you at Open House.  It will be on Thursday August 13th from 5-7PM and Friday August 14th from 10-11AM. You are welcome to bring in your school supplies and set them at your desk.  We will go through this stuff on the first day of school. See you soon!

Mrs. Taylor’s class Specials Schedule 2015-2016


  Week A Week B Week A1 Week B1
Monday Library P.E. Library P.E.
Tues Art Music Art Music
Wed P.E. Library P.E. Library
Thurs Music Art Music Art
Friday P.E. Music Library Music

Taylor’s Class Schedule 2015-2016

8:15-8:55         Homeroom & Morning Work

8:50-10:10       Math (Taylor)

10:10-10:45     History (Taylor)

10:45-11:05     I/E (Taylor)

11:05-11:35     Lunch (Tables 3 & 4)

11:35-11:55     Recess

11:55-12:00     Bathroom

12:00-12:40    Science (Taylor)

12:00-2:40       Language Arts (Brown)

2:40-3:25         Specials

3:25-3:45         Pack Up/Homeroom

3:37                 Car Rider Pick up

3:40                 Bus Pick up

Weather-As the weather is changing, please remind your child to bring a jacket to school.  As long as it is not raining we will continue to have outdoor recess.

Communication – PLEASE look for, check, and sign your child’s agenda every night.  It should be brought home daily and used by them to make sure they have completed all of their assigned work on time. Remember, incomplete work is graded as a zero and significantly reduces their chances of success in school.

Agendas are an easy and effective way to communicate with me as long as your child brings their agenda to me in the morning.  Frequently quiz/test dates will be entered into their agendas prior to the actual test dates so be on the lookout for those dates and provide time at home for them to review daily in preparation for any/all assessments.

Thursday Folders are also a way for us to communicate with you.  This must be returned the following day (Friday) so PLEASE remember to ask for, check, sign, and return it every Friday.  Most of their graded work is sent home in this folder along with school-wide notices, book orders, upcoming events, etc.

Supplies – Please check with your child periodically to ensure that they have all they need to be successful in school.  I do my best to provide extra’s in case of emergencies by expect most of that burden to fall upon your shoulders as the child’s parent or guardian.